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Modern Agriculture Engineering Training Center

As a base for educating professional personnel in the fields of agriculture and biotechnology, our goal is to enhance the research ability and science & technology innovation ability of students majoring in agriculture science. At the meantime, we provide educational spaces and research facilities for life science-related divisions in our university, and we have the demonstration power for the application of modern agriculture. With thirty years of development, Center has become an education, experiment and field-work center for agricultural science with clear goals of education and practice, modern equipments and facilities, and continuously growing innovative abilities. In the year of 1998, it was named “Shanghai Municipal Practice and Training Base for Metropolitan Agriculture” by the Shanghai Municipal Committee of Education. In the year of 2008, it was selected to be one of the Shanghai Municipal experimental education demonstration site. Currently there are twenty-five full time personnel in the center, among whom six are Professors, other ten have senior title or higher title. We have constructed education and practice platforms for botany and animal medicine in both Qi Bao and Min Hang campuses. We have exported 3,600 square meters of greenhouse facilities from French and Holland, bought 4,147 square meters of greenhouse facilities and 6,080 square meters of membrane greenhouse facilities that are made in China, and established ornamental plant sample garden, animal breeding center and pet hospital, etc. The National Program of Key Universities and Colleges Development (985 Program) has invested ¥13,000,000 in Min Hang campus to build 45,000 square meters of education & experiment center, which consists of intelligent greenhouse, lab of food science and technology practice, lab of microbial fermentation practice, science & technology innovation lab for undergraduates.

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