Established in 1959, our school was formerly known as Shanghai Agriculture College. In September 1999, Shanghai Agriculture College, with 40 years of history, was incorporated into Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU)and thus became the School of Agriculture of SJTU. In March 2003, the school was renamed as the School of Agriculture and Biology.


The school consists of five departments, namely the Department of Plant Science, Department Animal Science, Department of Resources and Environment, Department of Food Science & Engineering, and Department of Landscape Architecture, and a number of academic and research centers. Currently, more than sixty significant research projects are under way, including those supported by the “863 Plan” (National High-Tech Research and Development Plan), the “973 Plan” (National Program on Key Basic Research Projects), National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Technologies Research and Development Program of China, China Spark Program and Shanghai City Key Program, etc. During the recent 3 years, we have won eight Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Awards, including one first prize, four second prizes and three third prizes. In the year of 2006/2007/2008, we have had 70/71/70 SCI-indexed Papers and 34/8/22 EI-indexed papers published, 74/57/66 patents applied and 32/44/13 granted, and 11/7/12 Crop Varieties approved.


We have always considered international exchange and cooperation to be effective ways to boost a leap-forward development of the school. We have established close relationships with world-renowned universities in USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan. We signed cooperation agreements with Cornell University, Rutgers University (The State University of New Jersey), California State Polytechnic University, University of California at Davis, University of Nottingham (UK), Chiba University (Japan). The agreements include exchange visits of teachers and students from both sides, performing joint research projects, and education.

We have been carrying out several key strategies, including the strategy of crossing and integrating multiple subjects; the strategy of internalizing our school and devoting ourselves to social service; the strategy of invigorating our school through training and attracting talented person, and so on. We have been holding the scientific development view and exploring the proper way of developing a research-oriented agriculture college. We have been improving our views and methods of running our school through learning from international colleagues. We have made great effort to the realization of a leap-forward development of the school. Aiming the trend of development of agriculture and life-science in the whole world, we set the current achievements made by agriculture professionals in international first-class universities as our standards, and we try to create new methods of constructing modern agriculture subjects in a first-class university, make several of our disciplines in the top list among similar domestic agriculture schools and colleges, and cultivate our school into one of the top education center of highly qualified talents and professionals for Chinese modern agriculture.

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