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                 Postdoctor, Department of Resources and Environment, SAB


TIME :12:40-14:00 April 10, 2024 (Wed)


VENUE:Room 104, Building B, SAB


ORGANIZER:Office of Discipline and Science & Technology, SAB;

                             Young Teachers Association, SAB


TITLE:Biotransformation of roxarsone by earthworms and subsequent risk of soil arsenic release: the role of gut bacteria



Earthworms are known as soil ecological engineers, and their gut microbiota plays a crucial role in their ecological services. Although the activity of earthworms increases soil permeability, the earthworm gut forms a mobile anaerobic zone, resulting in significant differences in microbial communities between the earthworm gut and soil. The discussion will mainly introduce the role of earthworms in soil arsenic release under soil roxarsone pollution. We revealed the changes in community structure and function of earthworm gut bacteria during the degradation process of roxarsone. The relationship between soil and gut bacteria was investigated to find the effect and mechanism of earthworm gut bacteria in the transformation of roxarsone in soil.


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