Make Lanterns, Eat Yuanxiao – 2024 Chinese Lantern Festival Event Held for International Students

Published:2024-02-28  Views:500

As the Lantern Festival is approaching, international students from different schools gathered together in the School of Agriculture and Biology to make lanterns and enjoy Yuanxiao, celebrating the Lantern Festival event on the afternoon of February 23rd. Li Ming, an Ideological and political teacher of office student affairs and Zhong Fuchao, a tutor of occupational development and employment of School of Agriculture and Biology also attended the event.

At the beginning of the event, Yang Qinyan, a tutor of office student affairs introduced the relevant historical background of the Lantern Festival and traditional customs such as making lanterns and eating Yuanxiao to all the students. She also showcased the completed star-shaped lanterns, which fully ignited the creative enthusiasm of all the students.


After listening to the introduction, all the students were eager and enthusiastic to try their hand at making lanterns, unable to wait any longer (all the students couldn't wait to make the lanterns themselves.). Volunteers were also keenly explaining and assisting each student in completing their lanterns. After finishing their lanterns, the students joyfully showcased them, taking photos and sharing their creations. The lanterns glowed brightly, illuminating the surroundings with laughter and springtime cheer.

Following that, the students savored various flavors of steaming hot Yuanxiao, expressing endless praise for the delicious food. Finally, all the students and volunteers took a group photo together, marking the successful conclusion of the event.

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