SJTU Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), Beyond the Classroom – Spring 2024

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I. Introduction

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is an online teaching and learning platform structured around the principles of intercultural exchange and teamwork. With the aid of digital technology, students will undertake program-based learning and collaborative group work to develop the global perspectives and competency required to succeed in the world of tomorrow.

Created under the joint supervision of the SJTU International Affairs Division, SJTU Academic Affairs Office, SJTU Graduate School, and the SJTU Center for Teaching and Learning Development, the program encourages SJTU faculty to integrate extracurricular online collaborative learning into their courses. The Program registration is open for all faculty who will give courses in the Spring 2024 semester, with no restrictions on the language of instruction. Approval of courses for the COIL program will be listed as excellent courses by the SJTU Academic Affairs Office with priority.


II. Program Objectives

COIL aims to prepare the students of today to be the leaders of tomorrow through an extracurricular online collaborative learning that offers students opportunities to acquire global perspectives as well as cultivate their intercultural sensibilities.


III. Program Requirements

  1. The course, either at the undergraduate or graduate level (no language restrictions), must take place within the spring semester of SJTU’s 2024 academic calendar.
  2. Extracurricular activities must relate to international issues (eg. United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs).
  3. Fundamental design for extracurricular online collaborative learning: SJTU students are to engage in intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange with their peers from other overseas universities through online group discussions, group work, and/or group projects.
  4. COIL course content can be in, but is not restricted to, the following formats: program-based learning, joint projects, group discussions, and online/offline activities, as long as the topic of instruction pertains to a global issue as enumerated under the UN’s SDGs.
  5. At the end of the semester, students from both sides will be required to present their work together in front of their professors and peers.
  6. SJTU faculty members are encouraged to invite multinational companies and global institutions to participate in and be a part of COIL.
  7. Alternatively, faculty members may also develop innovative programs and activities that pertain to the spirit and mission of COIL.


IV. Faculty applicant requirements

Faculty applicants:

  1. Must be a full-time SJTU faculty member who will give a course in the Spring 2024 semester.
  2. Cannot register for more than two courses per semester.


V. Core competencies

With the completion of professional learning of the course, COIL should help students develop core competencies that enable them to communicate and collaborate with their peers from different cultures, language backgrounds, and disciplines:

  1. Listening comprehension and critical thinking: students should be able to understand, analyze, and critique different perspectives.
  2. Verbal and written expression: students should be able to express their ideas and viewpoints in a cogent and eloquent manner.
  3. Proactive, topical learning: students should be able to, on their own initiative, engage in an in-depth study of a specific topic.
  4. Leadership and problem-solving: students should demonstrate leadership and initiative in group discussions and collaborations. They should demonstrate the skills necessary to act upon the proposed solution.


VI. Program Timeline

  1. Program Q&A session: December 28th, 2023, at 2:30pm
  2. Face to face meeting: Donghui Yuan Building#3, International Center, 2nd Floor, Minhang Campus
  3. Online meeting link:;Tecent Meeting: 477953466;Meeting Password: 974361
  4. Program registration deadline: January 15th, 2024
  5. Program approval: late-January 2024 (Online, TBA)
  6. Program duration: Spring semester, 2024
  7. End-of-program reporting: July 2024


VII. COIL funding

COIL funding contains the following two parts:

  1. Each approved COIL will receive 8,000-20,000 RMB in funding, with 8,000 RMB allocated upon program approval, and the remaining part to be allocated upon program completion and evaluation (i.e. funding to be determined based on actual expenses incurred during the course);
  2. COIL cannot cover more than 8000RMB in salary for teaching assistants.


VIII. Application Document

Attachment 1: SJTU COIL Application Form.docx

Once this form has been signed and stamped by your department, please submit the documents both in paper and electronic format to the International Affairs Division’s Global Competence Office (SJTU Minhang Campus—International Center—Huiyuan Building#3, 3rd floor, Room 300). Electronic copy submissions should be sent to Yijun Liu,

(Note: If the hard copy cannot be sent on time, please notice the project manager for extra time.)


IX. Program Contact

Contact Person: LIU Yijun

Office Number: 021-54155621


Please scan and join in the WeChat group for more information on the COIL program if you are interested.

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