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SPEAKERQincheng Chen

                 Associate Professor, Department of Plant Science, SAB


TIME :12:40-14:00 December 20th, 2023 (Wed)


VENUE:Room 104, Building B, SAB


ORGANIZER:Office of Discipline and Science & Technology, SAB;

                             Young Teachers Association, SAB


TITLE:Biochar and remediation of organic contaminated farmland soil



Biochar is a carbon-rich material of waste biomass pyrolysis under oxygen-limited conditions, which is considered as a promising carbon sequestration technology. With the implementation of Carbon Neutrality strategy in China, biochar has received increasing attention because of its significant environmental impact and outstanding agricultural application potential. The discussion will focus on the research and application of biochar in the field of green remediation of organic-contaminated farmland soil. To developing an in-situ soil remediation technology for simultaneous catalytic degradation of contaminants and nutrition supplementation, engineered biochars were successfully synthesized by using a simple co-precipitation method. We have revealed the transition states and degradation pathways of antibiotics by biochars. Combined with density functional theory, the interfacial interaction mechanism between antibiotics degradation and phosphate sorption was investigated.


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