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                 Associate Professor, Department of Plant Science, SAB


TIME :12:40-14:00 December 13th, 2023 (Wed)


VENUE:Room 104, Building B, SAB


ORGANIZER:Office of Discipline and Science & Technology, SAB;

                             Young Teachers Association, SAB


TITLE:Cell-Specific Regulatory Dynamics underlying C4 Photosynthesis



C4 plants epitomize a category of terrestrial flora renowned for their superior efficiency in utilizing light, water, and nitrogen relative to their C3 counterparts, a trait further amplified by the compartmentation between mesophyll and bundle sheath cells. This cellular differentiation significantly bolsters the carbon concentration mechanism, thereby enhancing photosynthetic productivity. Intriguingly, the genes encoding C4 photosynthetic enzymes, though inherent in their C3 ancestors, assume pivotal importance in C4 plants due to their distinct expression patterns. This talk will delve into our group's latest maize (single-cell) multi-omics study, scrutinizing the role of transcription factors in the distinct cellular environments of C4 plants. It aims to discuss the impact of these factors on photosynthetic efficiency, exploring the underlying genetic and epigenetic regulatory mechanisms that govern the variances in gene expression across different cell types.


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