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SPEAKERChuande Wang

                 Associate Professor, Department of Plant Science, SAB


TIME :12:40-14:00 November 29th, 2023 (Wed)


VENUE:Room 104, Building B, SAB


ORGANIZER:Office of Discipline and Science & Technology, SAB;

                             Young Teachers Association, SAB


TITLE:Cracking the Organelle Code: RNA-Binding Proteins at Work



Mitochondria and chloroplasts, as two key organelles in plant cells, have most of their genes either transferred to the nuclear genome or lost during evolution. The metabolic regulation of RNA in higher plant organelles is highly complex, primarily involving post-transcriptional processing. Most protein factors necessary for the expression, biogenesis, and functional realization of organelle genes are encoded by nuclear genes. How these nuclear-encoded proteins regulate organelle gene expression, and consequently affect plant growth, development, and reproduction, has always been a core research topic in fundamental plant biology and crop hybrid breeding.


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