PhD, PI

   Associate Professor in Soil Microbial Ecology


   Address: B409,School of Agriculture and Biology,

                  Shanghai Jiao Tong University




PhD in Environmental Ecology, 2010, University of Helsinki

Master in Genetics, 2006, Northeast Forestry University

Bachelor in Biosciences, 2003, Northeast Forestry University


>>Working experiences

2019-present, Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2017-2019, Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki

2013-2017, Research Fellow, University of Helsinki

2010-2013, Project Manager, Lahti Science and Business Park Ltd, Finland.


>>Description of research and teaching

I am the PI of Hui Lab at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Our research interests cover a wide range of ecosystems and research topics in ecology and environmental sciences. Microbial ecology occupies an important part of our research activities. Our research mainly focuses on microbiota and their functional traits in soil, compost and human microbiome. Our research interests cover the impacts of environmental pollution and land-use change on microbial communities and their functional traits. Our recent works involve microplastics, composting, ectomycorrhizal fungi and human health associated microbiota. Hui Lab has long-term collaboration with international scholars from University of Helsinki, Kansas State University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. I am also co-operating projects with several enterprises, which have led to mutual benefits, e.g. sludge treatment and soil remediation.

A lion share of my teaching activities goes to courses of Soil Biology and Biochemistry and Molecular Ecology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Supervision of PhD candidate and pro graduate theses is also a crucial part of my daily work. I also hold a title of docent at the University of Helsinki, which motivated me in organizing international study programs together partner organizations.


>>Selected publications

  1. Chang Zhao, Xinxin Liu, Haoxin Tan, Yucheng Bian, Muhammad Khalid, Aki Sinkkonen, Ari Jumpponen, Saeed ur Rahman, Baoming Du, Nan Hui*. 2024. Urbanization influences the indoor transfer of airborne antibiotic resistance genes, which has a seasonally dependent pattern. Environment International, 185, 108545. IF 11.8
  2. Bangxiao Zheng#, Lantian Su#, Nan Hui*, Ari Jumpponen, Ari Jumpponen, D. Johan Kotze, Changyi Lu, Richard Pouyat, Katalin Szlavecz, David A. Wardle, Ian Yesilonis, Heikki Setälä. 2024. Urbanisation shapes microbial community composition and functional attributes more so than vegetation type in urban greenspaces across climatic zones. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 191, 109352. IF 9.7
  3. Chang Zhao, Xinxin Liu, Haoxin Tan, Shan Yin, Lantian Su, Baoming Du, Muhammad Khalid, Aki Sinkkonen, Nan Hui*. 2024. Neighborhood garden's age shapes phyllosphere microbiota associated with respiratory diseases in cold seasons. Environmental Science & Ecotechnology, 14, 100315. IF 12.6
  4. Xiaoxiao Li, Xinxin Liu, Junren Zhang, Fu Chen, Muhammad Khalid, Jieqi Ye, Martin Romantschuk, Nan Hui*. 2024. Hydrolase and plastic-degrading microbiota explain degradation of polyethylene terephthalate microplastics during high-temperature composting, Bioresource Technology, 393, 130108. IF 11.2
  5. Muhammad Khalid#, Saeed ur Rahman#, Xinxin Liu*, Asad Rehman, Ari Jumpponen, D. Johan Kotze, Heikki Setälä, Nan Hui*. 2024. Exploring the impact of urbanization and vegetation type on fungal communities: Insights into divergent, mycorrhizal, and saprophytic associations driven by climate patterns. Catena, 238, 107860. IF 6.2
  6. Xiaoxiao Li, Xiaoyan Qi, Xinxin Liu*, Muhammad Khalid, Jieqi Ye, Martin Romantschuk, Fu Chen, Yinfeng Hua, Nan Hui*. 2023. PET addition delays the composting mature process and promotes microbiota associated with plastic degradation in plastisphere. Journal of Cleaner Production, 389, 136066. IF 11.1
  7. Muhammad Khalid#, Xinxin Liu#, Bangxiao Zheng, Lantian Su, D. Johan Kotze, Heikki Setälä, Mehran Ali, Asad Rehman, Saeed-ur- Rahman, Nan Hui*. 2023. Distinct climatic regions drive antibiotic resistance genes dynamics across public parks and pristine soil ecosystems. Journal of Cleaner Production, 409, 137275. IF 11.1
  8. Muhammad Khalid, Xinxin Liu, Saeed ur Rahman, Asad Rehman, Chang Zhao, Xiaoxiao Li, Bian Yucheng, Nan Hui*. 2023. Responses of microbial communities in rhizocompartments of king grass to phytoremediation of cadmium-contaminated soil. Science of The Total Environment, 904, 167226. IF 9.8
  9. Xiaoyan Qi, Xiaoxiao Li, Wenlong Yue, Chao-Fan Yin, Ying Xu, Nan Hui*, Ning-Yi Zhou*. 2023. Composting-based degradation of poly (ethylene terephthalate) microplastics and its enhancement with exogenous PET hydrolase supplementation. Environmental Technology & Innovation, 32, 103347. IF 7.2
  10. Haoxin Tan, Xinxin Liu, Shan Yin, Chang Zhao, Lantian Su, Xiaoxiao Li, Muhammad Khalid, Heikki Setälä, Nan Hui*. 2022. Soil microbiota associated with immune-mediated disease was influenced by heavy metal stress in roadside soils of Shanghai. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 438, 129338. IF 13.6
  11. Haoxin Tan, Xinxin Liu, Shan Yin, Chang Zhao, Lantian Su, Xiaoxiao Li, Muhammad Khalid, Heikki Setälä, Nan Hui*. 2022. Immune-mediated disease associated microbial community responded to PAH stress in phyllosphere of roadside greenspaces in Shanghai. Environment Pollution, 292:118379. IF 8.9
  12. Muhammad Khalid, Haoxin Tan, Mehran Ali, Asad Rehman, Xinxin Liu, Lantian Su, Saeed-ur-Rahman, Chang Zhao, Xiaoxiao Li, Nan Hui*. 2022. Karst rocky desertification diverged the soil residing and the active ectomycorrhizal fungal communities thereby fostering distinctive extramatrical mycelia. Science of The Total Environment, 807, 151016. IF 9.8
  13. Muhammad Khalid, Saeed-UR-Rahman, Haoxin Tan, Lantian Su, Pei Zhou*, Nan Hui*. 2022. Mutualistic fungus Piriformospora indica modulates phytoremediation property of host plant via concerted action of enzymatic and non-enzymatic biochemicals. Pedosphere, 32(2): 256–267. IF 5.8
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*represents corresponding author; # authors contributed equally.

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