Tenure Track Associate Professor

Department of Food Science and Engineering

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>>Research Interests

Food nutrition perception and human health including: (1) Investigate the relationship between taste perception and nutrition characteristics of plant active molecules; (2) Find umami/bitter taste receptor-mediated pathway or mechanism related human health; (3) Develop functional foods and improve their flavor.



2022-Present      Tenure-track associate professor, PI, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2019-2022          Postdoctoral fellow, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2017-2019          Postdoctoral fellow, Shanghai Ocean University

2013-2017          PhD, College of Food Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University

2005-2012          MS &BS, College of Food Science and Technology, Jilin Agricultural University


>>Selected Publications 

1. Wenli Wang†, Dingqiang Lu†, Qiuda Xu, Yulian Jin, Guangchang Pang*, Yuan Liu*Remodeling of RyR1 channel regulates the sweet and umami perception of Rattus norvegicus, Fundamental Research (In Press)

2. Wenli Wang, Zhiyong Cui, Menghua Ning, Tianxing Zhou, Yuan Liu*. In-silico investigation of umami peptides with receptor T1R1/T1R3 for the discovering potential targets: A combined modeling approach, Biomaterial (2022) 281: 121338

3. Yuxia Fan, Yulin Huang, Gaole Chen, Shui Jiang, Yin Zhang, Guangchang Pang, Wenli Wang*, Yuan Liu*. Study on the distribution of umami receptors on the tongue and its signal coding logic based on taste bud biosensor, Biosens Bioelectron (2022) 197:113780.

4. Jiansen Li #, Wenli Wang #, Jing Liu, He Li, Ninglong Zhang, Fengzhen Yang, Haowei Dong, Xia Sun, Gaole Chen, Yuxia Fan, Yemin Guo*, Yuan Liu*. Human-like performance umami electrochemical biosensor by utilizing co-electrodeposition of ligand binding domain T1R1-VFT and Prussian blue, Biosensor Bioelectronics (2021) 193:113627.

5. Wenli Wang, Luan Yang, Menghua Ning, Yuan Liu*. A rational tool for the umami evaluation of peptides based on multi-techniques, Food Chemistry (2021) 371: 131105.

6. Wenli Wang, Menghua Ning, Yuxia Fan, Yuan Liu*. Comparison of physicochemical and umami characterization of aqueous and ethanolic Takifugu obscurus muscle extracts, Food and Chemical Toxicology (2021) 154:112317.

7. Wenli Wang, Ying Li, Xirui Zhou, Chunbao Li*, Yuan Liu*. Changes in the extent and products of In vitro protein digestion during the ripening periods of Chinese dry-cured hams, Meat Science (2021) 171: 108290.

8. Wenli Wang, Xirui Zhou, Yuan Liu*. Characterization and evaluation of umami taste: A review, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, (2020) 127: 115876.

9. Wenli Wang#, Long Zhang#, Xichang Wang*, Liu, Y*. Physicochemical and sensory variables of Maillard reaction products obtained from Takifugu obscurus muscle hydrolysates, Food Chemistry, (2019) 290:40-46.

10. Wenli Wang, Wei Wang, Yamin Du, Hong Wu, Xiaobo Yu, Keping Ye, Chunbao Li, Yong-Sam Jung, Yingjuan Qian, Josef Voglmeir*, Li Liu*. Comparison of anti-pathogenic activities of the human and bovine milk N-glycome: Fucosylation is a key factor, Food Chemistry (2017) 235: 167-174.

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