Associate Professor

Department of Food Science & Technology


Office/Lab AddressRoom B227/B214A, Building of Agriculture

Science Innovation, Dongchuan Road 800, Minhang District,

200240, Shanghai, China




>> Research Interests:

  1. Engineering and evolution of food enzyme/microbial consortium
  2. Functional and target upcycling of agri-food biomass
  3. Developing and application of synthetic biology tools


>> Education and Employment:

2021 – present, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tenure Track Associate Professor, PI

2018 – 2021, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, Postdoctoral Associate

2015 – 2018, National University of Singapore, Research fellow

2010 – 2015, East China University of Science and Technology, Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering,

2006 – 2010, Shanxi Agricultural University, Bachelor of Science in Biological Science


>>Selected Publications:

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  4. Ma, X., Gözaydın. G., Yang. H., W. Ning., Han. Xi., Poon. NY., Liang. H., Yan. N* and K. Zhou* (2020). Upcycling chitin-containing waste into organonitrogen chemicals via an integrated process. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(14).
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  2. K. Zhou., Ma, X. and H. Liang and (2020). Ligation and/or Assembly of Nucleic Acid Molecule, (US Patent App. 16/758,933).


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