Professor/Principal Investigator

Department of Food Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Telephone: + 86-21-3420-6918 


Office address: Room 203, B Buliding of Agriculture & Biology,

800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, 200240, PRC




>> Research Interests:

1. Mechanism of interaction between the foodborne viruses and its vehicles;

2. Development of new approaches for detection of infectious foodborne viruses.




>> Main achievements:

Dr. Wang is focusing on the virological food safety. He conducts basic and applied research in the interaction between the viruses and its vehicles, the development of rapid detection methods for infectious foodborne viruses, and contamination and control of the foodborne viruses. He has presided 17 research projects, including NSFC funds (32072319, 31772078, 31301475, 31000063), a project in the National Key R&D Program of China (2016YFE0132000), and so on. He has published 79 scientific journal articles including 46 SCI articles, of which he was as the first or corresponding author for 24 SCI articles. In addition, 3 patents have been applied as the first inventor. As a result of his outstanding contributions and achievements, Dr. Wang has been awarded by USDA in 2017.


>>Publications (* Corresponding author) 

     Examples of Peer-reviewed Manuscripts (Since 2020)

  1. Zilei Zhang#, Danlei Liu#, Qingping Wu, Dapeng Wang*. Oyster heat shock protein 70 plays a role in binding of human noroviruses. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 2021, 87(18): e00790-21.
  2. Chenang Lyu#, Feifeng Lu#, Zhentao Shi, Dapeng Wang*. Detection of group A rotavirus in oyster tissues by in situ capture RT-qPCR. Food Control. 2021, 108161.
  3. Meng Xu, Feifeng Lu, Chenang Lyu, Qingping Wu, Jumei Zhang, Peng Tian*, Liang Xue, Ting Xu, Dapeng Wang*. Broad-range and effective detection of human noroviruses by colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay based on the shell domain of the major capsid protein. BMC Microbiology. 2021, 21, 22.
  4. Zilei Zhang, Danlei Liu, Dapeng Wang*, Qingping Wu*. Library preparation based on transposase assisted RNA/DNA hybrid co-tagmentation for next-generation sequencing of human noroviruses. Viruses. 2021, 13, 65.
  5. Hua'ning Zhang#, Danlei Liu#, Zilei Zhang, Joanne Hewitt, Xinpeng Li, Peibin Hou, Dapeng Wang, Qingping Wu∗. Surveillance of human norovirus in oysters collected from production area in Shandong Province, China during 2017-2018. Food Control. 2021, 121:107649.
  6. Danlei Liu, Zilei Zhang, Shenwei Li, Qingping Wu, Peng Tian, Zilong Zhang, Dapeng Wang*. Fingerprinting of human noroviruses co-infections in a possible foodborne outbreak by metagenomics. International Journal of Food Microbiology. 2020, 333:108787.
  7. Danlei Liu, Zilei Zhang, Ningbo Liao, Songyan Zou, Haoxuan Tang, Peng Tian, Glenn Young, Qingping Wu*, Dapeng Wang*. Culturable bacteria resident on lettuce might contribute to accumulation of human noroviruses. International Journal of Food Microbiology. 2020, 317:108492.
  8. Zilei Zhang#, Danlei Liu#, Qingping Wu*, Yu Lu, Peng Tian, Zhongfu Wang, Dapeng Wang*. Characterization of a histo-blood group antigens-like substance in romaine lettuce that contributes to human noroviruses attachment. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2020, 68(5):1207-1212.
  9. Danlei Liu#, Zilei Zhang#, Qingping Wu, Peng Tian, Haoran Geng, Ting Xu, Dapeng Wang*. Redesigned duplex RT-qPCR for the detection of GI and GII human noroviruses. Engineering. 2020, 6(4):442-448.
  10. Danlei Liu, Haoran Geng, Zilei Zhang, Yifan Xing, Danlu Yang, Zhicheng Liu, Dapeng Wang*. An effective platform for exploring rotavirus receptors by bacterial surface display system. Virologica Sinica. 2020, 35(1):103-109.

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