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Pro. Lian received her ph. D. degree from Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006. In the same year, she entered Shanghai Jiao Tong University to conduct research on the regulation of light signal in plant development. From 2016 to 2017, she further carried out academic exchanges and research work on diploid strawberry development in professor Liu Zhongchi's research group at Maryland University. After returning to China, her research group mainly studied the molecular mechanism of light signal regulation on fruit development and quality formation of wild diploid forest strawberry. At present, she has hosted three projects of national Natural Science Foundation of China, participated in 5 key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and transgenic special projects. As the first, corresponding and co-author, she has published more than 40 SCI papers in Genes & Developmen, Plant Cell, PNAS, Molecular Plant and so on.




Selected Publications: (co-first authors, * corresponding author)

  1. Xu, PB, Lian, HL, …, Yang HQ*. (2019). Phytochrome B and AGB1 Coordinately Regulate Photomorphogenesis by Antagonistically Modulating PIF3 Stability in Arabidopsis. Mol. Plant.12, 229–247. (Co-first author)
  2. Xu PB, …, Lian HL*. (2021). Identification of MBW complex components implicated in the biosynthesis of flavonoids in woodland strawberry. Frontiers in Plant Science. 12:774943.
  3. Chen GQ, …, Lian HL*. (2020). Inhibition of FvMYB10 transcriptional activity promotes color loss in strawberry fruit. Plant Science. 298:110578.
  4. Li Y, …, Lian HL*. (2020). FvbHLH9 functions as a positive regulator of anthocyanin biosynthesis by forming HY5-bHLH9 transcription complex in strawberry fruits. Plant & Cell Physiology. 61: 826-837.
  5. Wu J, …, Lian HL*. (2019). PhyB interacts with BES1 to regulate brassinosteroid signaling in arabidopsis. Plant & Cell Physiology 60: 353-366.
  6. Lian HL, …, Yang HQ*. (2018). Photoexcited CRYPTOCHROME 1 interacts directly with G-protein β subunit AGB1 to regulate the DNA-Binding activity of HY5 and photomorphogenesis in arabidopsis. Molecular Plant. 11:1248-1263.Co-first author
  7. Zhang T, …, Lian HL*. (2018). Arabidopsis G-proteins β subunit AGB1 interacts with BES1 to regulate brassinosteroid signaling and cell elongation. Frontiers in Plant Science 8: 2225.
  8. Xu PB, …, Lian HL*. (2018). Transcriptome sequencing reveals role of light in promoting anthocyanin accumulation of strawberry fruit. Plant Growth regulation 86:121–132.
  9. Lu XD, …, Lian HL*, Yang HQ*. (2015). Red light-dependent interaction of phyB with SPA1 promotes COP1–SPA1 dissociation and photomorphogenic Development in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant. 8:467-478.Co-corresponding author
  10. Lian HL, …, Yang HQ*. (2011). Blue-light-dependent interaction of cryptochrome 1 with SPA1 defines a dynamic signaling mechanism. Genes Development. 25:1023-1028.



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