Xiaoyu Tu

Associate Professor/Principal Investigator

Department of Plant Science


Address: Room 306, Building B, School of Agriculture and Biology



Research Interests

The Tu lab studies grasses to decipher transcriptional regulation underlying C4 photosynthesis. Combining current high-throughput sequencing (e.g. ChIP-seq, ChIP-exo, ATAC-seq, Hi-C, ChIA-PET and RNA-seq) and single-cell multiomics techniques, the Tu lab explores how the genome non-coding regions determine cell fate and achieve precision temporal and spatial regulation of gene expression. By understanding how the transcriptional regulatory network fine-tune gene expression, we aim to untangle the complexity of the regulatory processes that underline the evolution and differentiation of photosynthetic systems.



Education and Employment

2021-present, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tenure Track Associate Professor, PI of Plant Functional Genomics Lab

2019-2021, The Chinese University of Hong Kong & SCBG, CAS, Postdoctoral Fellow

2018-2019, Boyce Thompson Institute (BTi), Cornell University, Visiting Scholar

2015-2019, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ph.D.



Academic Outreach

2020-present, Topic Editor, Transcriptional Regulation at Single-Molecule & Single-Cell Levels in Plants, Frontiers in Genetics



Representative Publications (#, equal contribution):

  1. Tu, X.#, Mejía-Guerra, M.K.#, Valdes Franco, J.A., Tzeng, D., Chu, P.-Y., Shen, W., Wei, Y., Dai, X., Li, P., Buckler, E.S., Zhong, S., 2020. Reconstructing the maize leaf regulatory network using ChIP-seq data of 104 transcription factors. Nature Communications. 11(1):5089
  2. Dong, P.#, Tu, X.#, Li, H., Zhang, J., Grierson, D., Li, P., and Zhong, S. (2020) Tissue-specific Hi-C analyses of rice, foxtail millet and maize suggest non-canonical function of plant chromatin domains. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology. 62(2):201-217
  3. Dong, P., Tu, X., Liang, Z., Kang, B., Zhong, S., 2020. Plant and animal chromatin three-dimensional organization: similar structures but different functions. Journal of Experimental Botany. 71(17):5119-5128.
  4. Dong, P.#, Tu, X.#, Chu, P.-Y.#, Lü, P., Zhu, N., Grierson, D., Du, B., Li, P., and Zhong, S. (2017). 3D Chromatin Architecture of Large Plant Genomes Determined by Local A/B Compartments. Molecular Plant. 10(12):1497-1509
  5. Dai, X., Xu, Z., Liang, Z., Tu, X., Zhong, S., Schnable, J.C., Li, P., 2020. Non‐homology‐based prediction of gene functions in maize (Zea mays ssp. mays). The Plant Genome. 13(2):e20015
  6. Ding, Z., Weissmann, S., Wang, M., Du, B., Huang, L., Wang, L., Tu, X., Zhong, S., Myers, C., Brutnell, T.P., et al. (2015). Identification of Photosynthesis-Associated C4 Candidate Genes through Comparative Leaf Gradient Transcriptome in Multiple Lineages of C3 and C4 Species. PLOS ONE. 10(10):e0140629


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