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  Department of Resources and Enviroment

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Research Interests: 

Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Evolution of Earthworm, Earthworm Behavior, Vermicompostin



      Main achievements(2014-2017)

1. Invention of a method of preparing organic fertilization by the treatment of vegetable wastes using earthworms.

2. Named 60 new earthworms (sub-) species, interpreted the evolutionary process of Hainan earthworms in China.


    Projects as chairman(2014-2017)

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program). 41771279. Species differentiation and geographical distribution of earthworms in Hengduan Mountain. 2018.1-2021.12

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth Program). 31401967. Population genetics and phylogeny of Hainan pheretimoid earthworms. 2015.1-2017.12

3. Scientific and technological cooperation between Qingpu District and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 14H100000278. Development and application of non-point agricultural pollution control technology based on the paddy-frog mode. 2013.12-2015.12



    Projects as participant(2014-2017)

1.  National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program). 41471204. Phylogeography of Megascolecidae in China. 2015.1-2018.12

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program). 31272265. Taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of the genus Amynthas in China. 2012.1-2016.12

3. National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program). 41471203. Poisonous effect of As on burrowing and free radical metabolism of earthworms and its effect on the soil physical and chemical characters. 2015.1-2018.12

4. National Key R&D Program of China. SQ2016YFNC060041. Demonstration of non-point agricultural pollution and heavy metal control technology in the lower reaches of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River. 2016.1-2020.12

5. Production, Teaching & Research Project in State Scientific and Technological Commission of Minhang District. Research on the earthworms in Greenhouse vegetable planting. 2016.1.1-2017.12.31




1. A method of preparing organic fertilization by the treatment of vegetable wastes using earthworms. No: CN 104761303 A



    Academic Communications(2014-2017)

1. Zhao Q. Application of earthworms in agricultural waste treatment. 7th Academic Conference on Agricultural Environmental Science in China. Guiyang, China, 25-28 October 2017 (Oral presentation)

2. Zhao Q., Dong Y., Zhang MH., Qiu JP. How earthworms disperse in Hainan Island? ----take two Amynthas species as an example. 7th IOTM International Oligochaeta Taxonomy Meeting. Rennes, France, 5-13 Novermber 2016 (Oral presentation)

3. Qiu JP., Zhao Q. Taxonomy and Molecular Phylogeny of Earthworms in China. The first Soil Animal Biodiversity Monitoring Conference. Jilin, China. 10 -11 June 2016 (Oral presentation)

4. Zhao Q., Qiu JP., Jiang JB., Sun J., Briard C., Petit E., Prinzing A., Li YS., Li XD., He XJ., Cluzeau D. Evolutionary History of Hainan Earthworms (Megascolecidae: Amynthas, Metaphire) (China). 10th ISEE International Symposium on Earthworm Ecology. Athens, the United States, 22-27 June 2014. (Oral presentation)



   Publications (2014-2017)

1. Zhao Q., Zhang MH., Dong Y., Qiu JP.* Four new species of genus Amynthas and Metaphire Sims & Easton, 1972 (Oligochaeta, Megascolecidae) in Hainan Island, China. Annales Zoologici, 67(2), 221-227, 2017.

2. Zhao Q., Qiu JP.*, Jiang JB., Sun J., Briard C., Petit E., Prinzing A., Cluzeau D., Molecular phylogeny of pheretimoid earthworms (Haplotaxina: Megascolecidae) based on mitochondrial DNA in Hainan Island, China. Molecular Biology, 4: 4. doi:10.4172/2168-9547.1000138, 2015.

3. Sun J., Jiang JB., Zhao Q., Qiu JP*. New species of the Amynthas morrisi-group (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae) from Hainan Island, China, Zootaxa, 4058: 257-266, 2015.

4. Jiang JB., Sun J., Zhao Q., Qiu JP.*, Four new earthworm species of the genus Amynthas Kinberg (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae) from the island of Hainan and Guangdong Province, China, Jounal of Natural History, 49: 1-17, 2014.

5. Wang YL., Yang G., Xiong CY., Xie SH., Li YS., Cao LK., Zhao Q*. Effect of vegetable waste vermicompost on the growth of Brassica chinensis. Journal of Agro-Environment
Science, 36(10): 2129-2135, 2017 (in Chinese).



1. Trustee of Shanghai Dongfang Earthworm Biotechnology Research Institute

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