YUE JIN


     Associate Professor

     Department of Food Science and Engineering





Research Interests

1.  Development of biodegradable food packaging material and its safety assessment

2.  Value added processing of agricultural produce






- PhD in Bioresource and Food Engineering, 2003-2007

Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta

- MSc in Polymer Chemistry and Physics, 2000-2003

Institute of Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Nankai University



Research Experience/Achievement:


She has presided over ten research projects, including a NSFC Young Fund, a Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai, and several industry supported research projects. She has published more than 20 SCI indexed papers, and participated in compiling 2 books. She is also the inventor of 7 patents.





1. Jin Yue, Yifeng Zhang, Yafang Jin, Yun Deng, Yanyun Zhao, Impact of high hydrostatic pressure on non-vlatile compounds of squid muscles, Food Chemistry, 2016, 194: 12–19. 

2. Gang Wang, Yun Deng, Xin Xu, Xin He, Yanyun Zhao, Yanping Zou, Zhuang Liu, Jin Yue*, Optimization of air jet impingement drying of okara using response surface methodology, Food Control, 2016, 59, 743-749.

3. Jin Yue, Yuanrong Zheng, Zhenmin Liu, Yun Deng, Effects of microfiltration and storage time on cholesterol, cis-9, trans-11 and trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid levels, and fatty acid compositions in pasteurized milk, International Journal of Food Properties, 2016, 19, 13–24.

4. Yuegang Wang, Jin Yue, Zhenmin Liu, Yuanrong Zheng, Yun Deng, Yanyun Zhao, Zhidong Liu, Hongliang Huang, Impact of far-infrared radiation assisted heat pump drying on moisture distribution and rehydration kinetics of squid fillets during rehydration, Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, 2016, 25: 147–155.

5. Jin Yue, Yuanrong Zheng, Zhenmin Liu, Yun Deng, Yafang Jing, Yali Luo, Wenjuan Yu, and Yanyun Zhao,Characterization of volatile compounds in microfiltered pasteurized milk using solid-phase microextraction and GC×GC-TOFMS,International Journal of Food Properties, 2015, 18, 2193–2212.

6. Jian Yang, Jin Yue*, Baoping Zha, and Yanyun Zhao, Synthesis and characterization of novel trialdehyde, tribenzylamine, and triamine from triolein, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 2015, 117, 1179–1184.

7. Yun Deng, Yali Luo, Yuegang Wang, Jin Yue*, Zhenmin Liu, Yu Zhong, Yanyun Zhao, Hongshun Yang, Drying-induced protein and microstructure damages of squid fillets affected moisture distribution and rehydration ability during rehydration, Journal of Food Engineering, 2014, 123, 23-31.

8. Yun Deng, Guiyun Yang, Jin Yue*, Zhenmin Liu, Yuanrong Zheng, Bingjun Qian, Yu Zhong, Yanyun Zhao, Thermal behavior, microstructure and protein quality of squid fillets dried by far-infrared assisted heat pump drying. Food Control, 2014, 36, 102-110.

9. Zixuan Lian, Longshan Qiao, Guanghong Zhu, Yun Deng, Bingjun Qian, Jin Yue, Yanyun Zhao, Use of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Pretreatment and 2-stage Curing for Improved Quality of Salted Duck Eggs, Journal of Food Science, 2014, 79, E354-E361.

10.   Guiyun Yang, Jin Yue, Xincheng Gong, Bingjun Qian, Huajun Wang, Yun Deng, Yanyun Zhao, Blueberry leaf extracts incorporated chitosan coatings for preserving postharvest quality of fresh blueberries, Postharvest Biology and Technology, 2014, 92, 46-53.

11.   Latchmi Raghunanan, Jin Yue, Suresh S. Narine, Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Diol, Diacid and Di-isocyanate from Oleic Acid, Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society, 2014, 91:349–356.

12.   Yun Deng, Guiyun Yang, Jin Yue, Bingjun Qian, Zhenmin Liu, Danfeng Wang, Yu Zhong, Yanyun Zhao, Influences of ripening stages and extracting solvents on the polyphenolic compounds, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities, Food Control, 2014, 38: 184-191.



Book and Book Chapters


1. Jin Yue, Monan Liu, Jiaoyue Liu, Food Safety Culture (Translated), Shanghai Jiao Tong University Publication, 2014, ISBN 978-7-313-11009.  





1. Jin Yue, Jian Yang, Yun Deng, Gang Wang, Zixuan Lian, Danfeng Wang, Baoping Zha, A vegetable oil based tri-amine and its systhesis (植物油基三元胺及其合成方法),2014, Chinese Patent: ZL 2014 1 0334154.4.

2. Jin Yue, Jian Yang, Yun Deng, Gang Wang, Baoping Zha, Danfeng Wang, Tri-aldehyde and its synthesis (甘油三元醛及其合成方法),2014,Chinese Patent: ZL 2014 1 0029861.2.

3. Jin Yue, Ting Xue, Yun Deng, Yanyun Zhao, Bingjun Qian, Danfeng Wang, Yu Zhong, Rapid detection method to discriminate the toasted degree of oak chips in the wine and the aging time (葡萄酒中橡木片烘烤度以及陈酿时间的快速区分方法),2013, Chinese Patent, ZL 2013 1 0314796.3.

4. Yanyun Zhao, Zixuan Lian, Yun Deng, Bingjun Qian, Jin Yue, Guanghong Zhu, Yu Zhong, Combination of pre-treatment and two-step-curing to produce pickled duck eggs (预处理与两步式腌制相结合的咸鸭蛋腌制方法及质检方法),2013, Chinese Patent, ZL 2013 1 0390511.4.

5. Pei Zhou, Xuejia Zhan, Linlei Jiang, Yun Deng, Jin Yue, Mixed vegetable drinks (混合蔬菜汁饮料), 2011, Chinese Patent, ZL 2011 1 0191834.1.

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