Shanghai Municipality Key Laboratory of Veterinary Biotechnology


The lab was established in the year of 1991 by Professor Ping Lu, Shanghai Science and Technology Elite, the winner of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Awards. It is the first approved laboratories in Shanghai. The lab is based in Shanghai while facing the Yangtze River delta area and severing the country. Aiming at the leading edge of veterinary science and technology and taking the reality in the country into consideration, we do fundamental and applied research in the fields of animal biotechnology. According to the developing trends of veterinary biotechnology and the modern agriculture in suburban areas of Shanghai, the goal of our lab is to build the base for high-tech research of animal disease prevention & treatment, commercialization of research results, and professional personnel training, and eventually becoming a high level professional lab facing both our country and the world.
For many years we have focused on building our academic atmosphere, training personnel, and elevating the quality and innovative ability of our researchers. Currently there are thirty-four researchers in our lab, including fourteen Professor, seventeen Associate Professors, and three Associate Researchers. The director assumes overall responsibility, and he manages six research teams. The main research interests include: zoonosis and comparative medicine, safety detection & analyses of animal originated products, genetic engineering drug research & development, and molecular technique of animal genetic breeding & reproduction.


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