Institution of New Rural Area Development


The institution was established on July 14th, 2006. It is an organization that integrates resources inside and outside the university, and carries on the national strategy of new rural area development. The institution consists of leading / coordinating and executing sections including the director’s office, committee of strategy consulting, the administration committee, administration office, research center for rural area development and modern agriculture advance center. We would like to be the think bank and brain power for macrodecision-making consulting of new rural area development, analyzing perspective, strategic and overall problems of developing new socialist countryside. We would like to be the driving force of the economic gain in rural areas, to promote agriculture by applying scientific and technological advances, and to deliver the research achievements and intellectual resources to rural areas. It is our responsibility to train a large number of farmers with literacy, techniques and operating skills, to popularize agricultural techniques, and to promote the management level in rural areas. We are trying to make our institute the national institute of new socialist countryside development.


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