Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center


The research center was founded by the 1938 alumni Luh Bor. S of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (celebrated Professor of the Division of Food Science and Engineering, U.C. Davis) with his donation of US $3,000,000, and the corresponding support from our university. Our main tasks include research on food safety science and technology, education and training of professionals in food safety administrations and food businesses, analysis and detection of food sample, consulting and information service of food safety professional knowledge, and so on. We are affiliated with the School of Life Science and Agriculture. We absorb experiences from world-renowned universities and institutions. We are rooted in Shanghai, serving the nation, and facing the world. We try to become a research institution with profound impacts both inside and outside our nation.
Our main research interests include: detection of food-originated pathogenic microorganisms, safety quality control and management during storage, processing and circulation of primary products, diary processing techniques, new product development and construction of consumption safety systems, new techniques of residual pesticide detection in primary products and pollution detection in different kinds of food, molecular detection of transgenic food and detection of residual pesticides & veterinary drugs.


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