Shared Equipment Center


Catching the opportunity provided by the start of second-stage construction of the Min Hang Campus which is invested by the National Program of Key Universities and Colleges Development (985 Program) and the move of our school from the Qi Bao campus to Min Hang campus, according to the Eleventh-Five Year Plan and the goal of severing the education and research activities of all the faculties and students in our university, the center for shared equipments was established at the end of 2007. Our purpose is to put all the large scale and expensive equipments and facilities in our school under a global control, in order to achieve optimized utilization of resources. The Center responsible for the accessibility, function exploit, maintenance and management of equipments with value of over ¥150,000; the accessibility, maintenance and management of lab spaces including the phytotron, tissue culture room, washing room, cell culture room and so on; the management of all the equipments and files in the school; daily inspection and supervision of all the equipments in the school; routine safety and hygiene inspection and supervision of the labs; establish and maintain webpage for equipment management and online reservation of the use of equipments.

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