Fall 2017 SJTU Graduate Admission


Fall 2017 SJTU Graduate Admission has been officially launched on December 1st 2016. This year, we offer 61 masters programs and 39 doctoral programs to international students with abundant scholarships. Applicants from all over the world are welcomed to apply for the graduate programs in SJTU.


Application period:December 1st, 2016 - May 31st, 2017


Website to apply: http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn


Admission information: http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn/EN/content.aspx?info_lb=38&flag=2


Contacts: International Affairs Office, Graduate School, SJTU


Email: iso.gs@sjtu.edu.cn


Tel: +86-21-34208238


International Affairs Office

Graduate School, SJTU

December 13th 2016

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