Associate Professor
Department of Food Science & Engineering





2001.09-2004.07  Ph. D. candidate in Clinical Nutrition, The Second Military Medical University, China
1996.09-1999.07  M.S. candidate in Food Science, Shanghai Fishery University, China
1988.09-1992.07  Major in Food Science and Engineering, HeiLongJiang Commercial College, China
Professional experience
2010.08-2011.08  Research Scholar, Department of Nutrition, School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, USA
2009.10-2010.08  Research Scholar, BGES, Cleveland State University, USA
2005.07-present  Associate Research Fellow, Department of Food Science and Technology, Shanghai JiaoTong University
1999.08-2005.06  Lecturer, Department of Food Science and Technology, Shanghai JiaoTong University
1992.08-1996.08  Assistant Engineer, Meat Product Company, Qinghai Province




1. Food Molecular Nutrition
2. The research on functional food and its application and development.
3. Food storage and preservation



1. PI, 2009-2012, The effects of genistein on the expression of GRP78 and its role in DNA repair after radiation damage . National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 300k RMB.
2. PI, 2009-2012, The protective effects and its molecular mechanism of soybean isoflavone against radiation damage. Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM). 100k RMB.
3. PI, 2004-2006,The protective effects of soybean isoflavone against liver radiation damage. Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM). 50k RMB.



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2. LEI Chun-Yan, SHEN Cai-Hong, LU Zhong-Ming, ZHANG Su-Yi, SONG Li-Hua, and CONG Feng-Song. ( 2011) Effects of deuterium depleted water and liquor on lipid metabolism in rat models of hyperlipidemia. Chin J Arterioscler. 19(10):819-824. (In Chinese)
3. ZHOU Zhen-yu, SHEN Cai-hong, LU Zhong-ming, AO Zong-hua, SONG Li-hua, CONG Feng-song. (2010) Effects of deuterium-depleted Chinese liquor on glucose metabolism and islet cells. Journal of Shanghai JiaoTong University (Medical edition). 30(10) :1-4. (In Chinese)
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