Department of Plant Science
Address:A1-205, School of Agriculture & Biology, Minhang campus





Research Interests:

1. Phytoremediation mechanisms of heavy metal polluted soils by turfgrass species

2. Zero-waste urban design based on green roofs

3. Maximize rainwater retention for non-irrigation green roof design

4. Pollution control and landscape improvement for urban agriculture



Honors and Awards:

New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education, P.R.China, 2004
Board of Directors, International Turfgrass Society, 2009-2013
Board of Directors, Course Management Committee, China Golf Association
Vice director, Turfgrass Committee, Shanghai Golf Association



Turfgrass Variety Released: 

1. SPORTS Bermudagrass. 2006. A common Bermudagrass variety bred for soccer field and golf fairways.
2. CIVIL Centpedegrass. 2009. A low maintenance centpedegrass variety selected from local resources for urban landscape and golf rough.




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