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Polymers, Lubricants, Phase Change Materials, Waxes and High Value Chemicals from Vegetable Oils: Chemistry and Material Properties


Topic: Polymers, Lubricants, Phase Change Materials,

       Waxes and High Value Chemicals from Vegetable Oils:

                   Chemistry and Material Properties

Lecturer: Professor Suresh Narine

Time:9:30-11:00, 2016-07-15

Inviter:0-102, School of Agriculture and Biology Building

Inviter:SJTU-Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center & Food processing and packaging team

Introduction of Lecturer:

Professor Suresh Narine, named in 2011 as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 Leaders, is Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Chemistry at Trent University; he also is the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Chair in Lipid Derived Biomaterials, the Ontario Research Chair in Green Chemistry and Engineering and the Director of the Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research. His work focuses on the creation of petrochemical replacements for pharmaceuticals, lubricants, polymers, adhesives, and high-value materials from vegetable oils. He is the author of nearly 200 peer reviewed publications and more than 30 patents.


Report Summaries:

The replacement of petrochemical feedstock with renewable carbon is a pivotally important aspect of the transformation to a climate-neutral, environmentally sound economy.  In this effort, the use of vegetable oils such as canola, soy, palm and others as chemical substrates which are abundant and offer facile means for chemical transformation to produce monomers for polymers, lubricants, waxes, phase change materials and other high values chemicals has gained prominence.  This talk will dicuss chemical transformation strategies, structure-funtion relationships, and a biorefinery approach to the utilization of lipids from vegetable oils as petrochemical replacements.  The importantce of fundamental understanding of the physico-chemical functionality of specific structures and the use of cross and self metathesis as disruptive technology for the creation of a variety of useful structures will be discussed.  Specific examples of commercially relevant phase change materials, polymers, waxes, lubricants and high value food feedstock will be examined


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