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               Postdoc, Department of Plant Science, SAB


TIME :12:40-14:00 Sep 27th, 2023 (Wed)


VENUE:Room 104, Building B, SAB


ORGANIZER:Office of Discipline and Science & Technology, SAB;

                             Young Teachers Association, SAB


TITLE:Data-Independent Acquisition-based global phosphoproteomics reveal the diverse roles of Casein kinase 1 in plant development



Casein kinase 1s (CK1s) are serine/threonine protein kinases highly conserved among eukaryotes that regulate multiple developmental and signaling events through phosphorylation of target proteins. Arabidopsis early flowering 1 (EL1)-like (AELs) are plant-specific CK1s with varied functions, but identification and validation of their substrates is a major bottleneck in elucidating their physiological roles. Here, we conducted a quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis in data-independent acquisition mode to systematically enrich 3,985 phosphopeptides and identify 1,032 phosphoproteins. Furthermore, we searched the rice, mouse, and human protein databases using newly identified CK1 substrate motifs, yielding many more candidate substrates than currently known, largely expanding our understanding of the common and distinct functions exerted by CK1s in Arabidopsis and humans, facilitating future mechanistic studies of CK1-mediated phosphorylation in different species.


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Support by: Wei Cheng

Support by: Wei Cheng