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On April 9, 2016, nearly more than 300 Alumni attended the general assembly for the celebrations of 120 Anniversary of Shanghai Jiaotong University and 57 Anniversary of the School of Agriculture and Biology. They gathered on the campus, recollected the past events and looked forward to the future. Hu Jin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xu Zhengtai, Former Dean of Shanghai Agricultural College and other senior leaders, all members of the school leadership and representatives of teachers and students attended this conference. Qi Hong, the Secretary of the Party Committee, presided the conference.  

At about 8:00 a.m., alumni arrived at the school one after another, met together with old classmates and talked about their old school ties. Former young classmates have become white-haired elders. Despite of advanced ages, their loves of alma mater and passions for school development are still not reduced.   



The conference kicked off at about 10:00 a.m. In his speech, Hu Jin expressed sincere greetings for alumni from the School of Agriculture and Biology who returned to school, affirmed the school development in recent years, introduced the outcomes of personnel training, construction of teaching staffs and scientific research achievements, retraced the historical changes and developments of the School of Agriculture and Biology and hoped that alumni could continue to make some contributions in their remaining years and write a new chapter for the construction of first-class agricultural science.

Zhou Pei, Dean of the School of Agriculture and Biology, delivered the report themed as Carrying on the Past and Opening a way for future and Making another Splendid Achievement. As indicated in this report, up to the present, the school has experienced a series of twists and turns during its road of development, cultivated a large number of inter-disciplinary and application type talents who adapt to the construction of agricultural modernization and urban and social & economic development in urban and rural areas and implemented a lot of fruitful work for the developments of urban agriculture in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta. In recent years, by adhering to the guiding ideology of "Agriculture-oriented, demand driven, characteristic development and striving for excellence", the school relies on the comprehensive advantage of multidisciplinary approach in Jiaotong University and committed to the cultivation of modern high-end talents. As a result, the highlights of discipline construction are frequent, the progresses in the construction of teaching & academic staffs are remarkable, the effects of internationalization strategy are significant, the scientific research strengths are dramatic, the social services are widely acclaimed and the personnel trainings are fruitful. Looking to the future, the school is ushering in a crucial period of opportunity for development. In this case, the school will continue to focus on modern agriculture and human health, strive for the construction of first-class agricultural science in a comprehensive university and become one of high-level agricultural universities in the teaching, scientific research, social service and personnel training of modern agriculture in China.



Xu Zhengtai, former Dean of Shanghai College of Agriculture, delivered speech on behalf of former leaders. He reviewed the development history of School of Agriculture and Biology with alumni and sought the memory of their alma mater in the memories of youth. He affirmed the achievements of the development of the school in recent years and expressed his hope for development prospects of agriculture. In addition, he also advised that professional disciplines, including agriculture, require for cross-border innovation, cross complementation and exchange & integration. Furthermore, new intelligent technologies should also be adopted for the development of precision agriculture. 


Jin Siyun, currently holding the position of president for Jinshan Food Industry School, also alumnus from the animal husbandry class in 1982, delivered speech on behalf of his schoolfellows. By taking his experience as an example, He recalled the knowledge acquired during his student age, as well as friendship and respected teachers. He said, “No matter where we go, we will never forget our teachers’ instructions and concerned about the school development. My adherence to ‘Agriculture’ and gratitude for alma mater remain unchanged. No matter what kind of posts I may hold, I will stay true to the mission. I’d rather give my boundless feelings and limited language to alma mater as a blessing. ”

At the conference, Zhou Pei, Qi Hong issued the mentor engagement letters for the 3rd session of “Zhigeng Nongyuan” Science & Technology Association to Zhang Hanqiang, the Vice President of Bright Food Group, Shi Zhong, the Director of Shanghai Office of Rural Agricultural Mechanization of the Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission and Huang Jun, the former Vice President of Greenland Group, with the purpose of cultivating students’ innovation and practical capability of science and technology. 


Finally, Wang Wenguan, alumnus and monitor of 84 agricultural economy cadre class and class representatives jointly presents gifts to the school and had a group photo taken to mark the occasion.  


After the end of the general assembly, the alumni participated in seminars by disciplines. Teachers from every department briefed the development situation and achievements of each discipline and answered professional doubts proposed by the alumni. Fellow alumni introduced their experiences and comprehensions during the school years and after graduation. The anecdotes in those years were reproduced, their common memories of youth were once shared again and their memorable feelings about alma mater were recounted. 


After the luncheon party, the alumni were led by volunteers to visit the specimen museum of ornamental plant and Li Zhengdao Library. Volunteers won praises from the alumni with their full enthusiasm, sincere smile and patient services.



According to reports, in order to welcome the arrival of alumni, the succulent plant association, wine culture association, food and nutrition association and other several student societies organized community activities at the school hall. The alumni actively participated in tasting the self-made wines, potato foods and admiring the beauty of succulent plants. These exhibitions were given high praises and recognitions. 


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Support by: Wei Cheng

Support by: Wei Cheng