Department of Plant Science



Professor Jiang Lu (PhD), Director of Center of Viticulture and Enology. “Thousand Talents Plan” Special invited expert from Ministry of Organization of China, National Modern Grapevine Industry Technology System Post Scientist, Shanghai Jiao Tong University “Zhi Yuan” Endowed Chair Professor.



Research Fields

1. Grapevine Functional Genomics and Molecular Breeding

2. Pathogen-Plant Interaction

3. Wine Biotechnology

4. Grapevine By-product Processing



Academic Society Activities

Vice Chairman, Wine Branch of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology;

Vice Chairman, of Grape and Wine Branch of Chinese Society of Food Industry;

Managing Director, Grape and Wine of Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies;

Managing Director, Board of Grapevine diseases, insect and pests, Chinese Society of Plant Protection;

Committee Member, Grapevine Germplasm Resource Committee, Department of Agriculture, USA;

Chairman, Grape breeding Society of North American;

Member, Organizing Committee of International Grapevine Breeding and Genetics;

Chairman, Grape Cooperative Committee of Southern United States;

Vice Chairman, Florida Society of Horticulture, USA;

Chairman, Evaluation Committee of Extraordinary Horticulturist, Horticulture Society of US




1990/04 -1992/03  Cornell University, Postdoctoral research follow (Plant Molecular Genetics)

1986/10 -1990/03  University of Reading, Ph.D. (Plant Genetics)

1978/10 -1982/07  Southern China University of Tropical Crops, BS (Crop Science)




2016.5 - Present:  Chair Professor, “Thousand Talents Plan” Special invited expert from Ministry of Organization of China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2011.11 - 2016.5: Professor, “Thousand Talents Plan” Special invited expert from Ministry of Organization of China, China Agricultural University,

2011.3 - Present:  Visiting Professor, Florida University,

2005.11 - 2011.11:  Distinguished Professor, “985” Special introduced talent, China Agricultural University

1992.03 - 2012.12:  Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Florida A&M University.



Research Detail and Achievement

Collection, Assessment and innovational utilization of grapevine germplasm resource; Grapevine functional genomics and bioinformatics; Molecular mechanism behind the interaction between plant and pathogen; Grape functional nutrients and its contribution to human health; Wine fermentation and deep processing of grape by-product; Marketing and Economics of grape and wine; other fields include the production and processing of small berry fruit; Molecular breeding of crops from subtropical zones; Modern Agricultural industry technology, Urban and leisure agriculture, etc.


The team of Prof. Jiang Lu performed the sequencing and assembly of the Downey mildew whole genome for the first time over the world, based on that, a numbers of candidate genes which are involved in Grapevine-Downey mildew interaction were identified, and the relevant molecular mechanism has been partially revealed. From the past years, the center has collected and maintained the core grapevine germplasm resource (about 300 varieties/hybrids) from all over the world, and has preliminarily elucidated the phylogenetic relation in family of Vitis; The team has also established the efficient system for grapevine genetic breeding and has developed a batch of important QTL markers; Prof. Lu Jiang now has one US patented grape cultivar, one batch of superior grapevine line, eight utility model patents and two patents of inventions, he has published around 150 articles on the important national/international journals, and has done around 200 oral presentations on various academic conferences.


Scientific Publications:

Publication in the past five years:

Yin, L., An, Y., Qu, J., Li, X., Zhang, Y., & Dry, I., et al, Lu, J. 2017. Genome sequence of plasmopara viticola and insight into the pathogenic mechanism. Scientific Reports, 7, 46553.


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Wei, Z., Luo, J., Huang, Y., Guo, W., Zhang, Y., & Guan, H., et al, Lu, J. 2017. Profile of polyphenol compounds of five muscadine grapes cultivated in the united states and in newly adapted locations in china. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 18(3), 631.


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Xu, C., Yagiz, Y., Marshall, S., Li, Z., Simonne, A., & Lu, J., et al. 2015. Application of muscadine grape (vitis rotundifolia, michx.) pomace extract to reduce carcinogenic acrylamide. Food Chemistry, 182, 200-8.


Jiang W, Wu J, Zhang Y, Yin L, Jiang Lu.. 2015. Isolation of a WRKY30 gene from Muscadinia rotundifolia (Michx) and validation of its function under biotic and abiotic stresses. Protoplasma 252(5):1361-74.


Yin L, Li X, Xiang J, Qu J, Zhang Y, Dry I B, Jiang Lu. 2015. Characterization of the secretome of Plasmopara viticola by de novo transcriptome analysis. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, 91: 1-10.


Li X, Wu J, Yin L, Zhang Y, Qu J, Jiang Lu. 2015. Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals defense-related genes and pathways against downy mildew in Vitis amurensis grapevine.Plant Physiology and Biochemistry95:1-142015


Li Jiao, Yali Zhang, Jiao Wu, Huiqin Zhang, Jiang Lu. 2015. A Novel U-box Protein Gene from ‘Zuoshanyi’ Grapevine (Vitis amurensis Rupr. cv.) Involved in Cold Responsive Gene Expression in Arabidopsis thanliana. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter. 33:557-568.


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Ying Y, Y.Zhang, L. Yin, and J. Lu. 2012. The Mode of Host Resistance to Plasmopara viticola Infection of Grapevines, Phytopathology. 102:1094-1011.





Excellent Undergraduate Thesis Award(advisor), China Agricultural Unive


Research Excellent Award, Florida A&M University


Excellent  Graduate  Thesis  Awards  (advisor),  China  Agricultural




First Place of Graduate Student Poster Competition (as major professor),


ARD Symposium, Atlanta


Research Excellence Award (2005), College of Engineering Science,


Technology, and Agriculture, Florida A&M University


Jin-Xiu-Qiu Award, Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region


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