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Research Interests:

1) Biomass Energy Engineering

2) Energy/ecology integrated system

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Ronghou Liu, male, born in 1960, Ph.D, Professor of Department of Resource and Environment, School of Agriculture and Biology, Shanghai JiaoTong University(SJTU), and PhD supervisor in the field of biomass energy at School of Environmental Science and Engineering, SJTU.


He is director of Biomass Energy Engineering Research Centre, School of Agriculture and Biology, SJTU. He was member of Degree Committee of SJTU. He was a member of Fifth Session of Discipline Evaluation Group of State Department Degree Committee of China. In addition, he is Executive member of Chinese Renewable Energy Society; Executive member of Chinese Biogas Society; Executive member of Chinese Biomass Development Center; editorial board member of 《International Journal of Global Energy Issues》(EI),editorial board of 《Transaction of the CSAM》(EI), editorial board member of 《Transaction of the CSAE》(EI),etc..


He studied in UK and Japan one year, respectively. He wins Tang Cornell-China Scholar in 2008.


The main tasks of Professor Ronghou Liu are teaching, educating graduate students and postdoctoral researcher, scientific research, extension and training in the field of biomass energy and utilization of wastes. Science 1984, Ronghou Liu's main research fields include biomass pyrolysis, fuel ethanol, and biogas technologies, etc. Ronghou Liu has had more 20 years experience in the field of renewable energy and environment. Many projects sponsored by EC,FAO, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Agriculture, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission have been carried out. 6 books, more than 10 Chinese invention patents, and more than 40 SCI and EI papers have been published.


Main research field: Biomass energy engineering; Energy/ecology integrated system.


Supervise mater degree student in the specialty of ecology belong to biology discipline at School of Agriculture and Biology, Shanghai JiaoTong University, P.R.China.


Supervise PhD student in the specialty of environmental engineering at School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University, P.R.China.



Publications (Selected):

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