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2016 SJTU Global Summer School



Located in one of the most prosperous and dynamic cities in China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University will offer you a rare chance to learn about current affairs and issues in China, tracing back their origins to ancient times while maintaining a view to today’s state, from multiple perspectives at SJTU Global Summer School.


The summer school takes place over a period of two weeks and consists mainly of four programs with particular themes which are individually organized by four schools of SJTU:


China Studies                                                                   School of Humanities

Chinese Ancient Architecture                                        School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering

Chinese Politics as well as City Governance                 School of International & Public Affairs

Food Security in China                                                    School of Agriculture and Biology


Experience unique trips that make the knowledge come alive. You will have the opportunity to see, feel and understand Chinese culture while studying these new subjects, for instance, you will learn about ancient wisdom and civilizations on the criss-crossing paths of the Hexi Corridor, explore classical Chinese temples and dwellings, gain an understanding of the theory and practice of China’s politics and global governance or learn new approaches to solve the problem of food safety in China. 


We look forward to having you join us for SJTU Global Summer School in 2016!



A. Students from Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao and abroad must be enrolled as undergraduates or graduate students prior to applying for this program.

B. Students of Non-English speaking countries should provide English language proficiency certificate.

C. Other prerequisites required by each school.




Applicants from Exchange Partners: Exchange partners of SJTU can nominate students to participate in the Global Summer School before March 31, 2016 based on the placement balance of Academic Year 2015-2016. Program fee will be waived excluding the accommodation. Each participant may only choose one summer school.

Free movers: Each participant can only choose one summer school and make online application since January, 2016. Fees are set by the individual summer school.

Online application website:



May 30, 2016



SJTU will award a Certificate to students who successfully complete the Summer school.



SJTU will provide each participant with an invitation letter. Every student should submit the invitation letter, Admission Notice and a valid passport to a Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for a short term tourist visa. Those who are already in China need to submit a copy of the visa page together with other visa documents.

The invitation letter and the admission notice will be sent to the applicant by the international courier within two weeks after admittance to the program.



Students who plan to attend this program should have obtained insurance before they come to study in China. Each student needs to present the insurance certificate to the administrative staff at the registration date.



The Global Summer School will be conducted at two campuses of Shanghai Jiao Tong University On-campus accommodation will be reserved for the admitted Students according to the duration of the program.  

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