Department of Food Science and Technology

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   Address: Room 2-209, Buliding of Agriculture & Biology



Research Interests:

1. Mechanism of interaction between the foodborne virus and its vehicles;

2. Development of new approaches for detection of foodborne virus.



Main achievements:

Dr. Wang is focusing on the virological food safety. He conducts basic and applied research in the interaction between the virus and its vehicles, the development of rapid detection methods for foodborne virus, and contamination and control of the foodborne virus. He has presided 16 research projects, including a NSFC Fund, a NSFC Young Fund, a project in the National Key R&D Program of China, and so on. He has published 60 scientific journal articles including 30 SCI articles in English, of which he was as the first or corresponding author for 16 SCI articles. In addition, 3 patents have been applied as the first inventor. As a result of his outstanding contributions and achievements, Dr. Wang has been awarded by USDA in 2017.



Publications (* Corresponding author) (In the last 3 years):

1. Danlei Liu, Zilei Zhang, Yujie Yin, Feng Jia, Qingping Wu, Peng Tian, Dapeng Wang*. Development and evaluation a novel in situ target-capture approach for aptamer selection of human noroviruses. Talanta. 2019,193: 199-205.

2. Yujie Yin, Pei’en Ni, Danlei Liu, Shiqiang Yang, Adelaide Almeida, Quanyou Guo, Zilei Zhang, Liuyan Deng, Dapeng Wang*. Bacteriophage potential against Vibrio parahaemolyticus biofilms. Food Control. 2019, 98:156-163.

3. Pei’en Ni, Qian Xu, Yujie Yin, Danlei Liu, Jvmei Zhang, Qingping Wu, Peng Tian, Xianming Shi, Dapeng Wang*. Prevalence and characterization of Salmonella serovars isolated from farm products in Shanghai. Food Control. 2018, 85:269-275.

4. Qian Xu, Pei'en Ni, Danlei Liu, Yujie Yin, Qianqian Li, Jvmei Zhang, Qingping Wu, Peng Tian, Xianming Shi, Dapeng Wang*. A bacterial surface display system expressing cleavable capsid proteins of human norovirus: A novel system to discover candidate receptors. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2017, 8:2405.  

5. Zhenhuan Zhou, Zhen'gan Tian, Qianqian Li, Peng Tian, Qingping Wu, Dapeng Wang*, Xianming Shi. In situ capture RT-qPCR: A new simple and sensitive method to detect human norovirus in oysters. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2017, 8:554.

6. Ming Wang, Shaofeng Rong, Peng Tian, Yue Zhou, Shimin Guan, Qianqian Li*, Dapeng Wang*. Bacterial surface-displayed GII.4 human norovirus capsid proteins bound to HBGA-like molecules in romaine lettuce. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2017, 8:251.

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