Department of Resources & Environment

Research Interests:

1) Extraction and Development of Natural Products

2) Plant Pathology 

3) Botanical Pesticides

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Guanghui DAI, Dr. of Laboratory of Plant Health and Natural Products, Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Agriculture and Biology School; PhD of Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique de Monptellier in France. The associate professor of French High Education and Research Ministry. Board of director of Chinese Phytopathological society, vice president of Shanghai Phytopathological society, member of International polyphenol society, member of Couleur Garance society.


Her research is emphasized on plant protection, photochemical pesticide and natural products. She has finished bout 7 research projects; one of them is the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and two of them were the Shanghai City Scientific and Technological Committee’s key projects, one is from the international company Unilever. Fifty research publications were published, eight of them were SCI articles; Twenty-two patents were applied, ten of them were authorized. A natural bio-fungicide (phytochemical) for controlling powdery mildew of vegetable, named “Zhiyuan No1” is at national registration stage. One of patent technique on natural dye was transferred by a biological company for further industrialization.

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