Department of Animal Science

Research Interests:

1) Statistic Genomics and Bioinformatics;

2) Functional Genomics and Molecular Breeding





Professor. He received his Doctoral degree at Animal Genetics and Breeding in Northeast Agriculture University. His work is mainly in the fields of quantitative genetics, molecular genetics and animal breeding. He has presided or taken part in more than 10 research projects of nation and province, published more than 50 papers in professional journals and been awarded the third class prize of science and technology improvement by Ministry of Agriculture.


At present, presides one project of National Basic Research Program of China, one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one project of Shanghai Science Committee and one project of Shanghai Agriculture Committee. As well as takes part in several projects of National Basic Research Program of China, National 863 Program, 948 Program of Agriculture Ministry of China, Shanghai Science Committee and Shanghai Agriculture Committee.



Publications (Selected): 

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