Associate Professor
Department of Plant Science
Research Interests:




Educational background and Working Experience:
Bachelor Degree : Bachelor of Science, major in Biology, South-west University (Previuously South-west Normal University ),1981.09-1985.07
Lecturer in Chongqing Three Gorges College , 1985.09-1996.07
Visiting scholar at Sichuan University, 1989.09-1990.07
Visiting scholar at China Agriculture University, 1996.09-1997.07
Master Degree: Master of Agriculture, China Agriculture University, 1997.09-2000.07
Training for three months in Australia,2004.07-2004.09
Doctor Degree: PhD of Agriculture, China Agriculture University, 2007.09-2010.07
Visiting scholar at Cornell University, 2012.03-2012.08
Working in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2000.09-present



Selected Publications:
1. Zeng Li, Zhao Liang-jun, Su Li-feng. Effects of Seed Development and Its Constituents on Seed Germination of Slavia splendens. Journal Of China Agriculture Univercity,2000, 5(1): 35-38
2. Zeng Li, Zhou Ye-lin, Chen Guang-fu, Sheng Xuan-guo, Chu Qi-chun. Studies on screening and planting technique of marigold variety for distilling lutein. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Agricultural Science),2002, 20(2): 145-149
3. Zeng Li, Chu Qi-chun, Huang Dan-feng, Peng Yong zheng. Effects of Root Zone Volume on Seedling Growth in the Large Scale of Marigold Seedling Production. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Agricultural Science), 2003, 21: 56-60
4. Zeng Li, Peng Yong-zheng, Ru Jin, Sheng Xuan-guo. Effects of Leaf Fertilization Level on Growth of Marigold. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Agricultural Science), 2005,23(4): 383-386
5. Zeng Li, Zhao Liang-jun, Sun Qiang, Xu Xiao-wei. Effects of Ultradrying Treatment and Storage Temperature on Vigor and Physiological Changes of Salvia splendens Seeds. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 2006, 3(10): 2076-2083
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10. Chen Li-jun, Ma Hong, Zuo Kai-jing, Tang Ke-xuan, Tang Dong-qin, Zeng Li. Genetic Diversity Analysis of Lilium spp. Germplasms by RAPD. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Agricultural Science), 2009,27(5):475-479
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15. Liu Qinglin,Xu Kedong, Ma Nan, Zeng Li and Zhao Liangjun. Isolation and functional characterization of DgZFP: a gene encoding a Cys2/His2-type zinc finger protein in chrysanthemum. Mol Biol Rep,2010,37:1137
16. Liu Qinglin, Xu Kedong, Zeng Li, Ma Nan and Zhao Liangjun. Molecular characterization and expression of DgZFP1, a gene encoding a single zinc finger protein in chrysanthemum. African Journal of Biotechnology,2010,9(15):2210-2215
17. Xu Kedong, Liu Qinglin, Yang Huifang, Zeng Li, Dong Lili1, Liu Fengluan1, Bi Ling, Ma Nan and Zhao Liangjun. Isolation and molecular characterization of RcSERK1: A Rosa canina gene transcriptionally induced during initiation of protocorm-like bodies[J]. African Journal of Biotechnology, 2011, 10(20):  4011-4017
18. Yang Fan, Zeng Li, Zhao Zi-gang, Zhang Pin, Gong Xiao-wen. Optimization in SSR-PCR Reaction System of Marigold. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Agricultural Science) ,2011, 29(1):22-27
19. Yang Fan, Zeng Li, YE Kang, Zhao Zi-gang, Zhang Pin, Gong Xiao-wen, Yin Qin, SUN Qiang. Relationship of 17 Rosa Plants. Detected by Morphology and ISSR Analysis. Bulletin of Botanical Research,2011, 31(2):193-198
20. Pin Zhang, Li Zeng, Yan-Xue Su, Xiao-Wen Gong ,Xiao-Sha Wang(2011). Karyotype studies on Tagetes erecta L. and Tagetes patula L. African Journal of  Biotechnology ,10(72): 16138-16144.



Patents and awards:
1.“Tissue culture method of pigment marigold; Patent number”: 200910050455.3(first applicant)
2.“Tissue culture method of Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' ”; 201110219616.4  (first applicant)
3.“Tissue culture method of potted chrysanthemum ”; application number: 20130062339.X (first applicant)
4.  The project “Engineering seriation study on seed production of Slavia splendens” had been awarded the third grade prize of Beijing Science and Technology in 2002(ranking fourth )

Teaching job:
Mainly undertakes the undergraduate students for basic courses as follows: “Botany ” 、“Botany Experiments” 、“Floriculture” and “ Floral Art”.



Research projects:
Mainly study on breeding and industrialized production of marigold 、Rosa hybrida var. minima and rose . Several research grants were obtained from Shanghai Committee of Scientific and Technological、Shanghai Committee of Agriculture and Shanghai Committee of Education on marigold 、Rosa hybrida var. minima and rose: 
—“Dedicated Variety Breeding of marigold with rich lutein”(The Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai,02ZC14059,project leader); 
—“The application study on ornamental marigold”(033919446, project leader); 
—“Planting dedicated variety of pigment marigold by large scale in Inner Mongolia area”(Shanghai Committee of Agriculture, Agricultural extension service (2003) No. 1,project leader).
—“Biological evaluation of germplasm resources and screening of quality variety of Rosa hybrida var. minima”(Shanghai Committee of Agriculture, Agricultural extension service (2005) No.1-1-3,project leader) . 
—Screening of introduction and ecological planting technology research on Chongming characteristic rose(08DZ1906500, Project participants).  
—“Collection of germplasm resource and study on breeding on resistant damp-heat flowering shrubs such as Peony、Rosa and Large leaf Hydrangea”.( Shanghai Committee of Agriculture, Agricultural extension service(2008)No.10-4, Project participants); 
—“Study on regulation PSY enzyme gene expression to improve the lutein’s content in marigold” (The Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai 11ZR1418600,project leader)

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